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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Sock Hat

I have been struggling to make the perfect HAT for me. In this blog I have had many attempts of almost perfect hats, but I think I am getting closer. From my experience I have learned the following about knitting hats:
1. Less is not More - More is More - when you think you are ready to start decreasing - you're NOT! Keep going  for at least for another inch or so- especially with a slouchy hat
2. Start on circular or dpns? I have been struggling with this- I don't think I knit any faster on circular needles so why switch? Unless I am travelling with my knitting project I just keep it all on dpns.
3. For a warm hat use smaller than recommended needles- I did this hat on 3.00mm using worsted weight and it turned out great!

I used the pattern above with a few minor changes:

1. I used 3.00mm dpns
2. I used Illimani Baby Llama yarn in Charcoal
3. I casted on 111

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