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Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Christmas Scarf that ate the yarn...

This is Christopher's Christmas present (along with some knitted dishcloths and knitted slippers), it was also the scarf that ate all the yarn. Measuring only 5feet 3inches...this scarf ate TWO WHOLE skeins of wool. I guess those intricate cables and size 3.75mm needles make it the way it is. I was hoping to get a hat out of the two skeins but I barely had enough to finish. It has a garter stitch border and two 3by3 cables on the side, a stockinette center with a strip down the center.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Baby Charlie Warm for Winter!

This is baby Charlie wearing her winter set. I loved the Bernat Comfort Worsted Weight Yarn I used in light pink. Its so soft and warm.

It's been hard to blog lately since I am knitting away to make the Christmas deadline...can't wait to see my family decked out in my knitted gear.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

More Christmas Gifting!

Christmas gifts have taken up all my time since I am attempting to knit something special for 23 people! I'm so excited for when they open them. This is another Christmas gift for my sister Laura. A green infinity scarf. Its obviously not a winter scarf....but I love it and I hope she does too.
The pattern was so simple as well. I did it on a size 11mm needle to make super big holes.

I did this on straight needles then connected the ends with a mattress stitch. I only used 1 skein of merino wool to complete it.
CO desired thickness (I think I did 22)
First row K *YO K2tog* repeat from *to* until last stitch K
Second Row K P til last stitch then K edge
Third Row K K *YO K2tog* repeat from * to * then K last two stitches
Forth Row same as second row
Then start back at the first row