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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Perf Mittens for Me!

Instead of writing report cards I have been determined to create the perfect fitting mittens for me! These mittens are made out of Llama (Illimani Baby Llama and fit my little hands just perfect. They may not be appropriate for -25 degree weather, but they are great for days like today. 

The pattern is as follows:

Set of 4 3.00mm dpns (US 2.75)
1 skein of Illimani Baby Llama wool (its worsted weight, but it is pretty light)
Darning needle
Stitch holder (for the thumb)

CO 44
Divide on DPNs 14-15-15
Join- you may want to place a marker after the first stitch on the first round so you know where the round begins
Rib stitch for 2 inches (K1 P1)
On the last rib stitch round increase 15 stitches evenly by Ktfb (knit through the front and the back) on Knit stitches in the rib
Do 18 rounds of stockinette stitch
Round 19- K10, Put 16 stitches on stitch marker (thumb) K rest of the round
Knit 23 rounds in stockinette stitch

Decrease Rounds- I usually like to start these right when the mitt it at  my pinky finger
Round 1: *K3 K2tog* repeat from *to* until 3 stitches left K the last three stitches
Round 2: K all stitches
Round 3: *K2 K2tog* repeat from *to* until 3 stitches left K the last three stitches
Rounds 4-8: K all stitches
Round 9: *K1 K2tog* repeat from *to * until end of the round
Rounds 10 and 11: K all stitches
Round 12: *Ktog* repeat from *to* until end of round

Use darning needles to sew through all remaining stitches and pull tight :)

With 1 dpn pick up and knit 6 stitches from stitch holder, with next dpn pick up and knit 7 stitches, with next dpn pick up and knit remaining stitches from holder and pick up and knit 3 stitches from the inside of the mitt to complete the round
Knit 12 rows stockinette stitch
Next row: *K2tog* repeat from *to* until end of round
Next row:*K2tog* repeat from *to* until end of round

Use darning needle to pick up remaining stitches and pull yarn through.

There will be a small hole between the thumb and mitt- sew this up
Weave in all ends

Ta da!

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Baby Things

Tomorrow is my sister's baby shower and my little niece or nephew will be arriving shortly! I have knitted up a few things for the baby. See below:

The Flax Sweater
 Free Pattern:
My husband loves this sweater so much he wants ones in his size.

The Baby Sophisticate Sweater
Free Pattern on Ravelry:

Hats, mitts, and booties :)

The Bad Baby Blanket
From: Stitch N Bitch Knitter's Book