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Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Gauge

A new hat! Only I had to take it out 4 times due to sizing, since I assumed the yarn would have the same gauge as the last yarn that I used for this pattern....I WAS WRONG. You think after taking it out three times I would figure it out. Well I didn't. I would create the hat as per the pattern and then start knitting it up only to realize this is too small, it would only fit a child. I would take it out and add 4 stitches...I really had to add 16. I still think its too small, but the person Im gifting to has a small head, according to Christopher. 

Here is a website about why GAUGE is so important.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Big Yarn


So after several fingerless mittens, I have tried a new kind. With chunky yarn and  13mm needles.
Heres what I did:

1 inch KKPP
Then increase this row: K5 m1 all the way accross
Stockinette Stitch for 3 inches or for desired wrist length
Next row: K3 M1 all the way accross
6 rows stockinette stitch
Next row: K12 put 6 stitches on a holder then K the remaining stitches (the stitches on the holder are for the thumb- leave these stitches in the front)
Knit 1 inch stockinette
K 1 row KKPP 
Cast off

Knit off holder KKPP
KKPP for one inch
Cast off

Mattress stitch the mitten together :)

Friday, 2 November 2012

Big Lace Part II

 Look familiar? Its my big lace scarf....this time on a wool acrylic blend. Its so beautiful. I thought I would hand it on my floral wing back chair again to compare to the last one, can you see the difference?  The color is different, the bottom one, 100% acrylic charisma yarn from Michaels and the other is a wool acrylic blend. Both are super soft. The one above is bulkier and warmer, however you may sweat in that one.

Why the difference? Because Charisma decided that this color was DONE (below) so it had to go. When I had more orders in this color, I didnt know what to do.  Ta Da!

I am still knitting super slow! I joined the school knitting club- maybe that will help. Christmas is fast approaching and I have four major gifts to knit. Not knitting 35 like last year.

Happy Knitting.