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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Chunk Knit Hats

The hat on the right was made with TWO strands of worsted weight yarn, and the hat on the right was made with chunky weight yarn. Both fit the same and both were made with the same pattern.

- yarn of you choice (see note above- 2 strands worsted or chinky) 1 skein
- Size 5mm needles- short circular and dpns
- darning needle

CO 72 and join in the round
K1P1 for 2 inches
Then begin knitting in the round (you can add some increases on your last row of K1P1 every 8 stitches do a K1thfb if you want your hat to be a bit wider inside)
Knit for 8-10 inches
Begin Hat Decrease (I use the 78 method)
NB: 7/8 decrease method instruction
Round 1: Knit 6, K2tog (entire round) - except for last 5 stitches
Round 2: K5, K2tog (entire round) - except for last 5 stitches
Round 3: K4, K2tog (entire round)- except for last 5 stitches
Round 4: K3, K2tog (entire round)- include last 5 stitches
Round 5: K2, K2tog (entire round)
Round 6: K1, K2tog (entire round)
Round 7: K2tog (entire round)
Continue with round 7 until you have 4-6 stitches left
8. Use darning needle to pick up last stitches and pull tight and weave in all loose ends

Monday, 4 January 2016

Arya's Stocking

I knit my first stocking for my menina. 

I used the pattern for the shape of the stocking here:

Using the pattern I added a few parts of my own:
1. The hook/hanger- crocheted on after the stocking was complete in a double crochet stitch similar to what I used for my dishtowels
2. The top part of the stocking- I casted on and knit for 4 rows, then purled for 4 rows, then knit for 4 rows and then purled for 4 rows
3. Name- I used my pixel app on my iPad to see where to knit in the letters using a bit of fairisle techniques
4. I use some moss stitches to make some snow under the name
5. I added 3 cables in the front of the stocking 
6. The foot part came out a bit large for me and in the future I would try to decrease my stitches after completing the heel

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Stocking Stuffers for Arya- Leg Warmers

Baby Leg Warmers 
Pattern Adapted from One More Skein: 30 Quick Projects to Knit
by: Leigh Radford

These leg warmers are a bit big for my niece now, but by spring they should fit her chubby legs.

4mm dpns (different from pattern in book)
worsted weight yarn

Pattern Adaptations:
CO 42 stitches
Join in the round
KKP for 2 inches
K until desired length (I knit 8 inches)