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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Getting my hat on... another hat and scarf set

Above I have made another cable scarf and knitting hat matching set. I have been taking time to perfect my hat knitting skills. I found this hat to be a tad small for an adult, thus working well for someone will a smaller head. Below is the pattern for the hat:


4mm dpns
Cascade 220 superwash yarn or a worsted weight yarn
darning needle

CO 84 stitches (in the future I am going to try Co more stitches)
Divide evenly on three needles
Round 1: *K2 P1* repeat from * to * for entire round
Repeat round 1 until piece measures 3 inches
Round 2: *K1 Ktfb P1 K2 P1* repeat from *to * for entire round
Round 3: K entire round
Repeat round 3 until piece measures 10 inches

Decrease using 7 8 method

Sew thru last 4 stitches

Weave in all loose ends