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Monday, 16 March 2015

Meet Ellie

Dear Arya,
This is Ellie. I made her for you. I made her for you before you were born, before I knew you were Arya, before we met. You and me, we met on the day of your birth, March 7, 2015. Your mom worked very hard to get you here. Ellie waited for you in your crib. Keep Ellie close as a reminder that you have an auntie who loves you very much. You are special to me and your mom and dad are also very special to me. When I got married your mom and dad stood up for Tio Chris and I. Your family is special to me. Luna was my first dog and inspired me to get Moshi, Juneau is one of Moshi's best friends who played with her when no one else would.
Tell Ellie all your secrets and she will remember always. 
You can call auntie anytime you need her, she will always respond. 
Welcome to the the world baby Arya, your life is off to a blessed start and I cannot wait to be a part of it.

Love Always,

Super Sarah

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