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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Phone Pocket

After breaking the screen on my phone twice and seeing how fas the battery dies in the cold I made a phone pocket for my iphone 5c. Yes! I have an old phone, but this phone pocket works for other old phones as well; iphone 5s and iphone 4s.

Here's how to make it:

- less than 50g of worsted weight yarn (I used Madeline Tosh vintage scraps I had from a hat)
- 4mm dpns (5)

1. CO 32 stitches on to one dpn
2. divide as follows: 2, 14, 2, 14 (it might be awkward to knit with two on one needle- but I felt this kept the shape) and join
3. K1 P1 for 1 inch
4. Pattern
Round 1: K12, P4, K12 P4
Round 2: P12, K4, P12, K4 (knit every stitch in the manner it presents)
Round 3: K4, Cable 8 front (4 and 4) P4,  K4, Cable 8 front (4 and 4), P4
Round 4: Same as round 2
Round 5: Same as round 1
Round 6: Same as round 2
Round 7: Cable 8 back, K4, P4, Cable 8 back, K4, P4
Round 8: Same as round 2
5. Repeat pattern until entire piece is 5.5 inches or desired length
6. 3 needle bind off

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