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Friday, 4 March 2016

Fingerless Mittens for my Hubby

I knit up these fingerless mittens for my hubby shortly after Christmas. They fit perfectly and couldn't have turned out better. I found this pattern on ravelry (free download) by Snapper Knits.

Some notes about the pattern.

1. Yarn- I used cascade sock yarn- such a dream to work with.
2.  After thumb gusset is created the pattern requests 18 rounds until pinky which is about 1.5 inches- I only did 15 rounds which was a bit more than 1.5 inches.
3. Ring finger issues- I ended up doing the ring finger as follows: Knit 11, put 25 and 25 stitches on stitch holders (knitting as you do so) then knit 7 (the knit 7 stitches is missing I believe).
4. Middle finger issues- I would use 10 stitches from first stitch holder and 10 from 2nd closest to the ring finger.

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