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Saturday, 20 October 2012

The perfect finger less mitten

I guess there is always a new reason not to knit... this time, its my class. Teaching grade 7 and taking a course it taking up a lot of time. I still have my small moments to knit, but its the not the same... In my spare time I have been perfecting my finger less mittens.  These are my new blue ones and my grade 7 math text book, that I use to teach everyday day with my students :). 

The blue mitt is made a little bit looser and longer :)

Knit Flat
Co 48
Rib KKPP st for 1 inch
K7 m1 all the way across
Stkn for 4 inches
K4 m1 all the way accross
St kn 14 rows 
Next row k 25 put 18sts on holder k rest 
Stkn st 1 inch
KKPP 1 inch
Bind Off

Pick up stiches
2 rows of stkn stitch
one inch KKPP
Bind off

SEW together :)

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