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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Dan's Sweater

It has been some time since I posted, but things have been busy and I have been working on large projects this past year.
This sweater was a modified version of this pattern I found on ravelry:

I created it for my brother-in-law, Dan! It was an enjoyable project and opened up my mindset to knitting sweaters.

Using a bulkier yarn than required I modified the pattern to fit the gauge and to attempt a more custom fit, I casted on 151- my gauge was 14stitches=10cm (horizontal) and 18stitches=10cm (vertical)

5mm circular needles- for a sweater  (I bought some cool cubic ones which were a dream to knit with)
Bernat Chunky Yarn- 5 large balls in the blue (
Bernat Chunky Yarn- 1 small ball in the multi-colour (

Lightning Add On:
I used a pixel creator to add the lightening to the back of the sweater.

Some issues:
For the collar and lapel its important to pick up every stitch when beginning. I don't think I did this properly and had a very bunchy collar and lapel. The fix was some serious wet blocking.

Thanks to Alexandra(my sister) and Dan (my bro-in-law) for the photos!

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