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Monday, 4 January 2016

Arya's Stocking

I knit my first stocking for my menina. 

I used the pattern for the shape of the stocking here:

Using the pattern I added a few parts of my own:
1. The hook/hanger- crocheted on after the stocking was complete in a double crochet stitch similar to what I used for my dishtowels
2. The top part of the stocking- I casted on and knit for 4 rows, then purled for 4 rows, then knit for 4 rows and then purled for 4 rows
3. Name- I used my pixel app on my iPad to see where to knit in the letters using a bit of fairisle techniques
4. I use some moss stitches to make some snow under the name
5. I added 3 cables in the front of the stocking 
6. The foot part came out a bit large for me and in the future I would try to decrease my stitches after completing the heel

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