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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Fabulous Knits Part III

Look!  fabulous grey hat and a very serious model.

I'm worried this hat maybe lacking in length, but hopefully it works.  It acts as a warm hat for winter with a bit of a floppy attitude. The yarn I used is: Queensland Collection: Kathmandu - merino wool, silk and cashmere blend.

Pattern using 5mm short circular needles and dpns
CO 70 stitches
K1P1 for 1.5 inches
Next round: K1M1 (entire round) now 140 stitches
Knit in the round til piece measures 8 inches (if you want more length keep going- next time Im going to go for 9 inches)
Next round: K6 K2tog (entire round)
Next round: K5 K2tog (entire round)
Next round: K4 K2tog (entire round)
Next round: K3 K2tog (entire round)- you may want to switch to DPNs at this point
Next round: K2 K2tog (entire round)
Next round: K1 K2tog (entire round)
Next round: K2tog (entire round)
Keep K2tog until you have 5 stitches- then pull the yarn through with a darning needle 
Weave in all ends :)


Next fabulous knit: matching leg warmers 

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