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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Turning Sideways

Firstly, I have spent the last hour trying to flip these pictures so they will face the correct way. IMPOSSIBLE! I flip them, save them and they still face sideways when I put them on the blog.  
Nonetheless here are some fashion mittens.
I've heard these mittens are all the rage, so I decided to make a few pairs. 

Pattern for the beige ones
Using size 2.5 or 3mm needles (Im using my grandmothers needles which dont have any markings on after measuring them I have estimated this size)
You also need a stitch holder (small)

Knit Flat
CO 44 stitches
KKPP rib the next rows until piece measures 1 inch
Next row: K6M1 repeat for entire row
Next rows stockinette stitch for 3 inches (whole piece will measure 4 inches)- alternatively you can make the wrist longer or shorter, the green mittens are only 2 inches stockinette stitch
Next row: K3M1 repeat for entire row
15 rows of stockinette stitch
Next row: Knit 25, then put 18 stitches on stitch holder, put stitch holder in front of work, then knit the rest
Stockinette stitch for 1 inch
KKPP rib for one inch 
Bind off

1st row: knit off the stitch marker
2nd row: purl
KKPP for 1 inch
Bind off

Sew the thumb and mitten inside out using mattress stitch

Happy Knitting

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