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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Spring is frilly scarf season!

This has been a new knitting obsession for me. I just love the frilly scarf! I found two companies which make the yarn to create this frilly scarf look: Katia and Frill Seeker by Estelle. Both are wonderful yarns; however I have noticed many differences with the yarn. I bought them at Mary’s Yarns in Unionville, Ontario (which is one of the most beautiful yarn shops). The Katia is more delicate and flimsy. I knit it with a 5.5 and maybe that was too big. After much wearing and throwing around my white Katia frilly scarf began to look old.  The frill seeker yarn looks a bit more full and  is less delicate. Attached is a free pattern from the Estelle website:
Here are some pictures:

This is Sandra wearing the popular black frillseeker scarf. I love this scarf and wear it all the time!
This is Sandra wearing the frillseeker, the yarn comes in a mix of colours!

Look for more frilly scarf posts!

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  1. I sort of wish these pictures weren't of me... But the scarves look fantastic!